Welcome to MPC! MPC is a blog designed to teach anyone and everyone about the wonders of modern physics. I am a physics enthusiast and I can’t wait to share everything I know about modern physics with all of you!

I do not have formal training in modern physics. The information I write about comes from my own self-studying. Most of my posts will explain ideas in modern physics from a conceptual (rather than mathematical) perspective. I will admit, I am by no means an expert in modern physics — I am still learning! Therefore, if you have any feedback — comments on my explanations, thoughts on how some of my analogies could be improved upon, etc. — I would love to hear it! Please click here to send feedback!

Note: The time zone for publishing posts has recently been changed from UTC to ET (Eastern Time Zone).  Posts will still be published on Thursdays at 11:30, but at 11:30 ET (not 11:30 UTC).

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