Welcome to MPC!

Hello, and welcome to MPC! MPC is a blog that is intended to spread modern physics knowledge to anyone who is interested. There are no math/science prerequisites for any of the blog posts, although knowing a little bit of high school physics, algebra, and trigonometry may be helpful (but certainly not required). Modern physics should not be confused with the physics you may have learned in school — that was classical physics. We will be discussing the difference between classical and modern physics in the next post, but before that, I feel it is my duty to get you excited about modern physics (and there is a lot to be excited about). Here are some of the intriguing and, quite frankly, amazing questions we will be answering:

What is time? Is time an illusion?

Is our world made of strings (like a guitar)?

How many dimensions does our universe have (hint: the answer is not 3)?

What are dark energy and dark matter, and why are they important?

What did Albert Einstein actually do? Why is he so famous? What was his “biggest blunder” (and why was this not such a “big blunder”)?

What caused the big bang?

Is the moon still in the sky if no one is looking at it?

I can assure you that these questions have some truly thought-provoking and intriguing answers. Some of these questions may seem odd or philosophical, but we will be answering them using pure science!

What will the schedule for posts be like? Posts will be published every Thursday at 11:30 am. On special occasions, there may be two posts in one week.

The coolest part about modern physics is that it will completely reshape your perspective of the world. By choosing to learn more about modern physics, you are choosing to learn the secrets of our world that very few people are aware of.

I hope that you will stick around! I promise that it will be an amazing and life-changing experience!

To learn more about my qualifications, please see my about page.


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