Welcome to MPC!

Hello, and welcome to MPC! MPC is a blog that is intended to spread modern physics knowledge to anyone who is interested. There are no math/science prerequisites for any of the blog posts, although knowing a little bit of high school physics, algebra, and trigonometry may be helpful (but certainly not required). Modern physics should […]

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Important Update!

Hey everyone! I would like to update all of you on the status of MPC. Having now written 50 blog posts, I have decided to take a break from MPC for the next few weeks. Of course, I will keep all of the past content up, so feel free to read through previous posts! In […]

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Quantum Mechanics V: The Wave-Particle Duality of Light

Hello, and welcome back to MPC! Last week, we discussed Einstein’s explanation for the photoelectric effect. Specifically, we discussed how the particle (photon) model of light is able to describe this strange phenomenon. This week, we will discuss another perspective on the nature of light: wave-particle duality! Recall our discussion of the double-slit experiment from […]

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